Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is an Ancient Science which comprises of five natural elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Each element corresponds to a natural force affecting human life. Each element has its own meaning which is listed as follows:

Earth: Magnetic field of the Earth

Water: Gravitational attraction of the Earth

Fire: Solar radiation

Air: Wind energy

Space: Cosmic radiation


Vaastu Shastra benefits us with Health, Wealth, Happiness and Prosperous life while providing an immense cosmic energy. Thus, we Healing and Transformation comprise a team of the Best Vastu Consultant in Mumbai who provide such vastu services to all the aspirants at the market’s leading cost prior understanding the needs and wants of the people.



Sound Healing is a proven modality which consumes a vibration sound to reduce stress and create a deep sense of peace for better health. It has also shown to be a vital part of the healing process mainly for the patients suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and side effects meant for pain relief management. Sound Healing is very nurturing to an entire nervous system of a human body. It also helps in decreasing a flight response in the body by excreting happy and peaceful hormones. Moreover, it also comprised of the potential to release old wounds, ignite our spirit and reunite us with our inner Divine truth. 

The sound is also specified with the specific rhythmic patterns creating the vibration sound harmonics at the frequency of “AUM” or “OM”. The frequency of a sound is also known as the impacts drawn on the sympathetic nervous system. Its harmonic vibrations also get engaged in a process of refluxing and slowing down the respiratory system, brain and heart rate while disrupting a pain reflex a deep sense of well being.

The sound healing also harmonizes an aura and clears the blockages in the channels in all the arteries and nerves. It also helps in bringing back the highest radiance and balance as well in order to generate an electromagnetic energy field around the body while preventing an illness.


Spiritual healing is a form of natural energy therapy which complements a conventional medicine by collectively treating the mind, body and spirit of a human body. Spiritual healing is a natural energy therapy which complements a conventional medicine while treating mind, body and spirit of a human. It is the best ways to handle stress. It is also an art of making one’s mind and soul stronger so as to manage & handle stress with an ease. Spiritual healing helps you to get rid of bad habits without an inner struggle when you feel while trying to change your habits. It also heals most of the medical problem such as hypertension, body pain, stress, headaches etc. 

Moreover, Spiritual Healing also allows a person to release all forms of the negative energies that cause pain and discomfort within the physical body. This is because when a body reaches a more balanced state it naturally begins to heal itself. Additionally, each one of us has energy pathways with multiple vitality points called Chakras. It creates a life energy surrounding everyone named an aura. When an aura is out of line, it often leads a lack of vigor, lethargy, and poor health. Therefore, spiritual healing helps in finding out the weak point in each aura, then force these spots to promote both the natural healing and rejuvenation.

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