We transform your world into a beautiful place to live where our practice areas mainly comprise of Vastu, Karmic healing and Sound therapy. Our company is owned by Mr Sameer Prabhu, leverages with the experience of a decade in a domain of transformation. With his expertise, he has successfully transformed several lives. Prior becoming a leading transformer, he was supported by his spiritual guru to heal and transform a genuine soul & human beings. Via this, he is able to generate positivity.



Vaastu is the science of direction and is a combination of nature’s 5 elements & balance between man and materials. It is all about the interaction of a person which create a subtle conducive atmosphere. We the Vastu Consultant in India bring the best in ourselves, thereby enhancing health, wealth, happiness and prosperity in the most enlightened environment. Additionally, the system is also an admixture of directional science, astronomy and astrology.


The universe is made up of five basic elements that are fire, water, earth, air and space. Similarly, a human body is also made up of the same 5 elements which are related to our five senses and each sense generate a meaning through it. We, the Vastu Consultant in Mumbai aim to teach that how to live in a perfect equilibrium and harmony while maintaining a balance of these 5 elements.


The proper orientation states a proper knowledge of all the eight directions. Like: Sun rises from East (Poorva) and sets in West (Paschim). A person facing the East direction, towards one’s left is North (Uttara) and towards one’s right is South (Dakshina).


Spiritual healing is a natural energy therapy which complements a conventional medicine while treating mind, body and spirit of a human. It is the best ways to handle stress. It is also an art of making one’s mind and soul stronger so as to manage & handle stress with an ease. Spiritual healing helps you to get rid of bad habits without an inner struggle when you feel while trying to change your habits. It also heals most of the medical problem such as hypertension, body pain, stress, headaches etc..

Moreover, Spiritual Healing also allows a person to release all forms of the negative energies that cause pain and discomfort within the physical body. This is because when a body reaches a more balanced state it naturally begins to heal itself. Additionally, each one of us has energy pathways with multiple vitality points called Chakras. It creates a life energy surrounding everyone named an aura. When an aura is out of line, it often leads a lack of vigor, lethargy, and poor health. Therefore, spiritual healing helps in finding out the weak point in each aura, then force these spots to promote both the natural healing and rejuvenation.

In Sanskrit, a Chakra means “spinning wheel of energy”. The chakras are centers of energy in a body. Each chakra is connected to different body parts. There are total 7 chakras and each of them has different colors, crystals and stones. Using and comprehending your chakras can promote physical, spiritual and emotional health while carrying forward an energy to your manifestation work.

« MANIPURA CHAKRA (Solar Plexis Chakra)
« ANAHATA CHAKRA (Heart Chakra)
« VISHUDDHI CHAKRA (Throat Chakra)
« AGHYA CHAKRA (Third Eye Chakra)
« SAHASRA CHAKRA (Crown Chakra)


A human body is a field of various energies which is often termed as AURA. Sometimes because of experiencing a trauma, we often experience a Negative Energy which results in creating the blockages while stopping a natural healing ability.
Thus, we are considered as the best Vastu Consultant in Andheri who broadly provide such services while leading a person to live life happily and strongly facing all the obstacles as a daily coming new challenge.